Our Ballet class for teens is grounded in the classical discipline of ballet, known for its formalized movements and technical precision.

Rooted in rich traditions, this class focuses on developing exact body positions, intricate footwork, and smooth transitions. Students engage in exercises at the barre and in the center, enhancing their strength, flexibility, and artistic interpretation.

Ballet serves as a foundational discipline, influencing many other forms of dance and fostering a deep appreciation for the art.


Experience the rhythm and energy in our Tap class, where dancers use tap shoes to create captivating sounds and rhythms.

This class teaches the art of producing intricate, syncopated rhythms that make tap dance a dynamic and musical expression.

Known for its vibrancy and energy, tap dance provides a unique opportunity for dancers to engage in lively performances and develop a strong rhythmic sense.


Jazz dance is an expressive and versatile dance style that blends elements of ballet, modern, and social dancing.

Our Jazz class focuses on syncopated rhythms, isolations, and spirited movements, encompassing styles from Broadway jazz to contemporary and commercial forms.

This class emphasizes rhythm, flexibility, and personal expression, making jazz dance a favorite in musicals, concerts, and commercial venues.


Lyrical dance, a beautiful synthesis of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, is characterized by its expressive and emotional qualities.

Our Lyrical class teaches dancers to convey stories and emotions through graceful and extended movements. Drawing inspiration from ballet, this dance form allows for a greater range of expressiveness, making it a popular choice in dance competitions and performances.

Hip Hop

Join our dynamic Hip Hop class, tailored for teens eager to dive into the energetic world of hip hop dance.

This class features a lively atmosphere with contemporary music, where dancers learn essential hip hop techniques, body isolations, and choreography.

It’s an exhilarating environment that fosters rhythm, coordination, and self-expression, blending fitness with the expressive art of dance.


Our Acrobatics class combines the athleticism of acrobatics with the artistry of dance.

In our well-equipped studio, teens learn acrobatic skills like back bends, cartwheels, and handstands, integrating them into expressive choreography.

Led by experienced instructors, this class focuses on safety, skill progression, and artistic expression, offering a supportive space for personal and collaborative growth.

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