Mini Combination

Parents of young dancers aged 5-6, we have the perfect opportunity for your child to start their dance journey with our Mini Combination Class.

This class introduces the foundational elements of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. In Ballet, your child will learn the essentials of graceful movement and form. Tap brings the excitement of rhythmic sound and footwork, and Jazz introduces creativity and expressive dance techniques.

These foundational classes are ideal for building the necessary skills for future advanced dance studies.

Mini Hip Hop

Energize your child’s routine with our Mini Hip Hop Class! Designed for kids aged 5 to 6, this class combines high-energy beats with dynamic dance moves.

Participants will learn a variety of hip-hop techniques, including isolations and precise movements, allowing them to express their unique personalities through dance.

This class is a fantastic way for young dancers to develop rhythm, coordination, and confidence in a fun and engaging environment.

Mini Acrobatics

Join our Mini Acrobatics Class, where young dancers aged 5 to 6 can explore the exciting blend of dance and acrobatics.

This class focuses on developing strength, flexibility, and endurance through gymnastic-based movements and dance routines. Students will learn to perform spectacular acrobatic feats while improving their overall physical fitness.

Beyond physical skills, this class emphasizes teamwork and personal development, making it an exhilarating and enriching experience for young children.

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