Our Ballet classes offer a journey into the elegant and disciplined world of classical dance. Rooted in centuries-old traditions, ballet features formalized and highly technical movements.

Students train in a structured setting, learning precise and expressive body positions, intricate footwork, and fluid transitions.

These classes not only build strength and flexibility but also enhance artistic interpretation, providing a solid foundation for various other dance styles.


Step into the rhythm with our Tap dance classes, where dancers use their feet like drums to create energetic sounds and rhythms.

Tap dance is characterized by its use of tap shoes with metal plates, which create a unique musical experience.

Our classes focus on producing intricate rhythms that are both syncopated and dynamic, offering a lively and engaging approach to dance.


Jazz dance is a vibrant and expressive form that combines elements of ballet, modern, and social dances.

Our Jazz classes emphasize syncopated rhythms, isolations, and powerful movements, allowing dancers to explore a range of styles from theatrical to contemporary jazz.

This class fosters a strong sense of rhythm, flexibility, and personal expression, making jazz dance a popular choice in performances and the commercial dance scene.


Lyrical dance merges the techniques of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, focusing on expressing the emotions and narrative of music through movement.

Our Lyrical classes encourage dancers to express themselves through graceful, balanced, and extended movements, drawing heavily on their ballet training to enhance expressiveness.

This emotionally charged style is perfect for dancers who love to tell stories through their movements.

Hip Hop

Our Hip Hop classes are energetic and engaging sessions tailored to adolescents interested in the vibrant world of hip hop dance.

The class is characterized by its lively atmosphere and contemporary music selection. Led by skilled instructors, dancers learn fundamental techniques, body isolations, and choreography across various hip hop styles, fostering rhythm, coordination, and self-expression.

Overall, it’s a dynamic and fun environment that combines fitness with the expressive artistry of hip hop dance.


Our Acrobatics class blends the physicality of gymnastic movements with the artistic flair of dance.

In this class, dancers learn maneuvers like back bends, cartwheels, and handstands, integrating them into expressive dance routines.

Focused on safety and skill progression, this class helps build flexibility, strength, and artistic expression in a collaborative and supportive environment.

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